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“We are all broken in some way.”

Broken Mary: A Journey of Hope - Kevin Matthews
You don't have to be or have been a listener and fan of broadcasting legend Kevin Matthews to appreciate this book. This is more than an autobiography about his many years as a radio personality. As a matter of fact he skims over most of those details, though I wouldn't mind hearing more stories about his life on the radio. (You have another book in you Kevin.) It's not really even a story about his life, although he does let you into a bit of his life explaining some things I never knew about him that shaped the man he is today. This is a story about having Faith in something bigger than you are. This is a story about allowing Faith into your life and giving yourself to It. This is a story about finding a broken statue of Mary, making a promise to Her, honoring that promise to Her, and watching that promise perform miracles of Peace, Comfort, and Faith for you and others who just have to ask Mary for intercession. I was deeply moved by this book and I can only pray I will be a better person because of it.