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Thrill Me (Fool's Gold)
Susan Mallery
Magically Delicious: Magic and Mayhem Book Four - Robyn Peterman

MAGICALLY DELICIOUS is magically delightful. Chock full of witches, ho-ho's, and madcap mayhem.. 

Deader Homes and Gardens - Angie Fox

I'm usually pretty stingy with my 5 star reviews. A book has to really impress me to get that 5th star. And let's face it, a cozy, paranormal, mystery isn't usually considered great literature. But I think Angie Fox's DEADER HOMES AND GARDENS may have reached that pinnacle for me. I think the author has gone beyond the usual cookie cutter cozy mystery with this book. And although you don't have to read the previous 3 books in the series because Angie does a spectacular job of reviewing the reader on the who, what, where, when, and why from of the earlier books. That said: If you are not familiar with this series, start at the beginning and enjoy the ride.

Fashionably Dead and Wed - Robyn Peterman

I'm beginning to think Robyn Peterman can't be too over the top, irreverent, or imaginative. This new installment in the HOT DAMNED series is a laugh out loud riot of outlandish proportions. Nothing is off limits or unthinkable. Perfect for the discerning reader who doesn't get offended easily.

“We are all broken in some way.”

Broken Mary: A Journey of Hope - Kevin Matthews
You don't have to be or have been a listener and fan of broadcasting legend Kevin Matthews to appreciate this book. This is more than an autobiography about his many years as a radio personality. As a matter of fact he skims over most of those details, though I wouldn't mind hearing more stories about his life on the radio. (You have another book in you Kevin.) It's not really even a story about his life, although he does let you into a bit of his life explaining some things I never knew about him that shaped the man he is today. This is a story about having Faith in something bigger than you are. This is a story about allowing Faith into your life and giving yourself to It. This is a story about finding a broken statue of Mary, making a promise to Her, honoring that promise to Her, and watching that promise perform miracles of Peace, Comfort, and Faith for you and others who just have to ask Mary for intercession. I was deeply moved by this book and I can only pray I will be a better person because of it.


The Bourbon Thief - Tiffany Reisz

Makes Dallas and Dynasty look like Sesame Street

The Curse of Tenth Grave: A Novel (Charley Davidson Book 10) - Darynda Jones


There are few authors I will accept cliff hangers from, but Darynda Jones is one of them. This series is so addicting that this reader doesn't mind being left by the seat of her pants until the next book comes out.

The Book of Beloved - Carolyn Haines


A great start to a new series by one of my favorite Southern writers, Carolyn Haines. This book is loaded with twists and turns and history and paranormal elements. Ms Haines never ceases to amaze me with her ability to keep the reader on the edge of their seat while reading some of the best in Southern women's prose.

No Were To Run (Shift Happens) (Volume 3) - Robyn Peterman


I really didn't expect to experience the range of emotions I felt while reading the third book in the Shift Happens series. I knew it would be laugh out loud funny. I knew it would be weird, and wacky, and wild. What I didn't expect was for it to be sweet and sappy. And while you don't get a lot of Essie, Hank, Granny, and Dwayne you do learn more about the history of Dima, Nicolai ,and the Were Dragons and their fight for freedom from a cruel, dictatorial, tyrannical King who just happens to be Dima's father.

Some Were In Time: Shift Happens Book Two - Robyn Peterman

I'm not really a fan of shifter books. It's not really my genre. Although I did really enjoy Charlaine Harris' Sookie Stackhouse series. But this shifter series by Robyn Peterman is not your average shifter book. It's raucous, and irreverent, and utterly (pun intended) ridiculous. And when the reader wants to be laugh out loud entertained by the words on a page, one can't go wrong with a Robyn Peterman book.

Ready to Were: Shift Happens Series Book One - Robyn Peterman

Fun beginning to a new series. This should be good.

The Marriage Plot - Jeffrey Eugenides

I might not be intellectual enough to appreciate this book. As a whole, it was an interesting story though.

A Man Called Ove - Fredrik Backman


I sobbed my way through the last three pages. Uncontrollable sobs. I'm not sure I've ever been so moved by a book before.

The Highwayman: A Longmire Story (Walt Longmire) - Craig Johnson

 Good old fashioned ghost story told only the way Craig Johnson can.

Rock-a-Bye Bones - Carolyn Haines


It's not every day you find a baby on your doorstep. But that's exactly what happens to Sarah Booth Delaney in ROCK-A-BYE BONES. This book has Sarah Booth pulled in many directions. She has to find the abandoned baby's mother. And she has to keep Tinkie from bonding too hard with the newborn while she tries to find the baby's mother.  She's also got a crazy bail jumper hell bent on revenge after her. Not to mention Sarah Booth has volunteered to have a traditional Thanksgiving with all the fixings for her friends at Dahlia House. If she can pull all this off, it will be a miracle. But Sarah Booth has plenty of friends, brave and loyal critters, and a few admirers in Zinnia who are all watching her back. 

The Seeker: (Mortal Beloved Time Travel Romance, #3) - Pamela DuMond


Madeline is a teen aged, time traveling, Messenger. Her missions are to deliver messages throughout history. No message too big or too small. In THE SEEKER Madeline is on a journey to try an undo an impulsive message she has given in 1961 that has a tragic outcome in her present day life. On this journey, she learns more about herself and her real mission in life. It's been interesting seeing how far Madeline has come since learning she is a Messenger back in the first book in the MORTAL BELOVED series. I think she is now starting to better understand her life's purpose since being given this gift from her parents. Let's hope there are more books to come for our time traveler.

Magic and Mayhem: Witchin' in the Kitchen (Kindle Worlds Novella) - Kris Calvert

This novella is a quick and easy read that is fun and entertaining. Deliverance's extreme emotions causes her to blow in from town to town in search of the means to break the spell she unwittingly fell into more than 300 years prior by finally finding her one true love and defeating her nemesis. I sure hope this is only the beginning of a new series by Kris Calvert and I look forward to reading what's next for Dee the witch and the wacky paranormal residents now that she's landed in her new home town. And the final treat at the end of the book is the recipe for Kissy Cakes that may just have the magic necessary to cast a love spell on the person who eats it.